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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to many of the questions we find ourselves answering on a regular basis.


When should my order ship?

Orders generally ship within 3-5 business days of placing the order. This can vary depending on busy times, bank verification and item availablity. Please view our Shipping & Returns  policies. The video below addresses the shipping process and procedure on Boutique78.net


How/when will I receive my tracking information?

Tracking information is uploaded via the order screen as well as emailed to your personal email address. Rarely during busy times, tracking information is not uploaded (not intentionally of course) and we may not get the chance to upload tracking information- in this case don't hesitate to contact us, unless of course you like surprises in your mailbox.


Why do I see a pending charge/hold from you on my bank statement?

The holds you are seeing are soft holds-meaning that they will drop off within 1-2 days depending on your bank. This generally occurs when a customer enters the incorrect information during checkout and the system gets a message back from the customer’s bank indicating that something was entered erroneously. These are NOT charges and usually drop off within a day. If you did not receive an order confirmation including an order number you were NOT charged. 


Why is my order pending verification?

As of June 1 2014, all orders over $50 USD are subject to manual verification. This is in part due to fraud prevention and address verification. Also as of June 1 2014, all orders ship to and bill to addresses must match.


What payment methods do you accept?

For your convenience we accept:

. Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express

. Western Union/Moneygram

. Money order (mail in)


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, however our FREE SHIPPING policy only applies to the United States destinations. To locate the cost of shipping to your country, you can use the shipping estimate tool on USPS.com website. Also, the internation billing address and shipping address MUST match and ALL internation orders are subject to approval and verification.


Do you wholesale?

At the current time, we do not offer wholesale opportunities.


Where are you located?

We have remote locations in California and Chicago, IL as well as vendors & various warehouses located abroad.


Are you open to the public?

Since going online, we have closed our physical stores to provide the lowest cost items possible to you: the customer.


Do you have social media pages?

Yes, we have Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr pages.

Connect with us using the icons below:

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